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Powerful Running Mantras That’ll Give You a Spark

Feel free to use these running mantras the next time you need a spark

If you see a runner’s lips moving, but not saying anything, chances are they’re reciting a mantra. They might be using their running mantra to get them through a tough point or to fight that little voice urging them to stop. Running mantras could even be used to remind a runner of what they’re trying to accomplish. Whatever the reason, runners recite these to give them a psychological boost. And it works! We asked for what you rely on in an Instagram post. Feel free to use the responses below!

If you’re looking for more motivation or need a good laugh, check out these hilarious running memes!


@kortneymcampbell – “Be the tortoise, not the hare.”

@babbilou (during a race) – “Believe in your training.”

@rrathlete – “I am in control.”

@nick.harrelson – “Your body won’t go where your mind won’t push it.”

@2run4 – “The only way is through.”

Need some more? Below are some of the running mantras the staff at High Five Events use.

Tina – “#1. Relax and enjoy. #2. Margaritas. Can be combined if needed!”

William – “Each step is a step closer to the finish line.”

Megan – “One foot in front of the other.”

Emily – “If it hurts, just slow down. You’ve got this!”

What’s the running mantra you use when you need it most during a run? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!