3MGives Official Charity for 2023

Each year we choose a charity to donate to as part of the 3M Half Marathon. In the past we have served many different charities including Central Texas Food Bank, Austin Youth River Watch, and Girl Start. This year Finding Home ATX has been named the 2023 beneficiary.

Finding Home ATX’s mission is to achieve functional zero in unsheltered homelessness:

  • Add 1,300 new units of affordable housing for the unhoused population
  • House 3,000 individuals and support and stabilize an additional 2,300 households
  • Enhance economic opportunity and community appeal
  • Improve equitable access and outcomes for our unhoused neighbors
  • Scale provider capacity
  • Improve impact through a tightly-coordinated, data-driven Homelessness OS
  • Improve coordination of care and unhoused neighbor experiences.

Permanent Housing

Helping the Helpers

Supportive Services

For more info visit Finding Home ATX