Fleet Feet’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Runners

Fleet Feet Austin is our go-to running store for many reasons, the most important is that they know what they are talking about. Check out this year's gift guide that they help put together. If you are still shopping for the runners…

Stay Motivated with Holiday Workout Bingo

Are you looking for a fun way to stay on track with your fitness goals? We have the perfect solution! Our holiday workout bingo is a great way to keep yourself motivated and focused during this busy time of year. You can win prizes, get fit,…
A male and female smile for the camera while running during the 3M Half Marathon. Text on design reads Advice for Beginner Half Marathoners. Learn more at https://downhilltodowntown.com/beginner-half-marathoners/

Helpful Advice for Beginner Half Marathoners

Veteran runners provide important tips for beginner half marathoners People register for half marathons for all sorts of reasons. Some sign up because they want the sense of accomplishment that comes with crossing their first finish line. Others…
Runners wave to the camera during the 3M Half Marathon. Text on design reads How Half Marathon Training Can Lead to a Healthier Lifestyle. Read more at https://downhilltodowntown.com/healthier-lifestyle-half-marathon-training/

How Half Marathon Training Can Lead to a Healthier Lifestyle

7 different ways your training can create the healthier lifestyle you want Half marathons are extremely popular within the running community. Every day, more people start running as a way to create a healthier lifestyle. Consistency is key…
Two women chat with one another before going on a run. Text on design reads Running Terms Every Beginner Should Know. Learn about them at https://downhilltodowntown.com/beginner-running-terms/

Running Terms Every Beginner Should Know

Expand your knowledge as a runner when you learn about these running terms Running is a great addition to your life. Not only does it help you get or stay in shape, but it also stimulates your brain and improves your mental health. Every day…
Runner runs during the 3M Half Marathon with the UT Tower in the background. Text on design reads When Should You Start Training for a Half Marathon. Learn more at https://downhilltodowntown.com/when-you-should-start-training/

How Far in Advance You Should Start Training

We’re here to help if you’re not sure when you should start training for your half Congratulations on deciding to train for your first half marathon. Or congrats on returning for another 13.1 miles in pursuit of your PR. Either way, you…
Group of three works out by lifting weights in the gym. Text on design reads Why Adding Cross-Training is Beneficial for Your Body. Read more at https://downhilltodowntown.com/cross-training-is-beneficial/

Why Adding Cross-Training is Beneficial for Your Body

Learn how cross-training is beneficial and can help you become a more balanced runner Whether you've just discovered running or have been a runner for years, it’s important to know why cross-training is beneficial. This becomes more important…
Female runner stands in her kitchen and holds a smoothie in her hand. Text on design reads 9 Healthy and Fast Breakfast Recipes for Busy Runners. Check them out https://downhilltodowntown.com/healthy-and-fast-breakfast-recipes/

Tight Hips in Runners: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments

Keep your training on track when you prevent tight hips Oftentimes, runners experience a feeling of tightness in and around the hip region. Especially if they’ve just begun training and have started increasing their mileage. This tightness…