Couple sits on their couch smiling, eating takeout food. Text on design reads Our Favorite Austin Takeout Spots. Read more at

List of Our 6 Favorite Austin Takeout Spots

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner… our list of 6 Austin takeout spots has you covered. You could even get margaritas to-go! The restaurants below offer takeout options for all scenarios, from post-run breakfast tacos to tonight’s family dinner.…
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Running at Night: Benefits and Safety Tips

Running at night has its benefits, but make sure you follow these safety tips Why do you prefer running at night? Do you work late and like to sleep in? Is your schedule during the day hectic and unpredictable? Maybe you prefer to breathe in…
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Powerful Running Mantras That’ll Give You a Spark

Feel free to use these running mantras the next time you need a spark If you see a runner’s lips moving, but not saying anything, chances are they’re reciting a mantra. They might be using their running mantra to get them through a tough…
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Excuse Busters That’ll Keep You on Track

These 5 excuses busters will keep you on the path towards your goals We’ve all been there. We have the best intentions of following a workout routine, but sometimes life gets in the way. Next thing you know we’re skipping more runs and…

High Five Events Cancels 3M Half Marathon, Postpones Austin Marathon

High Five Events cancels 3M Half Marathon, April 25th is new date for the Austin Half Marathon High Five Events postpones the 2021 Ascension Seton Austin Marathon presented by Under Armour and cancels the 2021 3M Half Marathon presented by…
Female runner runs on a road with a downhill grade. Text on design reads Improve Your Downhill Running Technique. Learn more at

3 Ways to Improve Your Downhill Running Technique

Advice to prevent injury and improve your downhill running technique Jogging uphill can be a difficult feat from a cardio perspective, but running downhill is a lot more challenging for your body. Why? Muscles shorten and lengthen or contract…
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5 Ways to Maintain Your Training During the Holidays

Training during the holidays is tougher, don’t let it slip with our advice The holidays are around the corner and your training is going well. You’re progressing nicely and increasing your distance as planned. You’re feeling well, eating…
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Stretches for Runners Who Sit All Day

If you’re at a desk all day, these stretches for runners will keep the blood flowing For people who love to be active, a desk job can be disadvantageous. Not only does it limit your active time, but also creates muscle stiffness and lethargy.…
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Hilarious Running Memes That’ll Brighten Your Day

Runners love running. But sometimes running doesn’t always love runners back. It’s important to remember why we run and be grateful that we can. A good laugh can also help, especially when one of the running memes below hits close to home!…