Meet the 2022 3M Half Marathon Ambassadors

We’re proud to introduce the 2022 3M Half Marathon Ambassadors! These individuals are runners of all speeds, abilities, and experience levels, truly representing the running community. They’re here to help you along your journey, answer questions, and provide advice as they prepare for the 3M Half Marathon start line just like you. Ohh yeah, it pays to follow them on Instagram!

Daniel Andrade

Daniel is a relatively new runner, having started about 3 years ago. A couple of runs around Mueller and Lady Bird Lake is all it took for him to get hooked on running. Although he has only raced in one half marathon, the Austin Half Marathon, he regularly runs the half marathon distance. Daniel looks forward to representing the 3M Half Marathon this year and will chase his half marathon PR on January 23rd. Like most runners, Daniel loves to talk about anything and everything running-related. Like his current project of running every single street in Austin. Follow him on Instagram to see all the wild and wonderful things he finds in this weird city!

Airon Andrews

Airon is a native Austinite and an avid endurance athlete. She is a Program Analyst and a Run Lead at Life Time Fitness Downtown Run Club. Airon is a certified RRCA Running Coach who enjoys running in and around the Austin area. She participates in various running, biking, and triathlon events. This is her fifth time to run the 3M Half Marathon and she’s proud to be an ambassador for an event she loves!

Toni Bish

For the past 6 years, Toni’s lived in Austin and worked as a hairstylist. Running wasn’t something she ever thought she’d get back into after suffering through high school track meets. She’s even shared those memes that said things like “My nightmare is marrying into one of those 5K on Thanksgiving families” and yet here she is, in her late 20s training for a half marathon. Toni even likes to inspire her friends to join her on long runs so that they can all suffer together, in friendship.

In all seriousness, Toni began running again as a means to help with anxiety and then fell in love with the warmth of the community. To her, it’s not about your pace or distance. It’s about the way you feel during the process of growth and building a relationship of trust in your body and what it’s capable of. It’s also so fulfilling to make connections with others and see them succeed in their goals alongside you. That’s why Toni wanted to be a 3M Half Marathon Ambassador, to encourage and inspire others that are just starting out!

Alma Christensen

Running has been a part of Alma’s life for 23 years. Through running, she’s made new friends and traveled to new places. She’s also experienced the joys and pains of the sport that tend to help put things into perspective. Alma has run countless 5K, 10K, and half marathon races and has done a handful of trail races. In the 2017-2018 season, she completed the Austin Distance Half Challenge that included the 3M Half Marathon. The support provided by everyone at the 3M Half Marathon was the best.

She’s expecting her first baby in October (soon!) and has scaled back on mileage. But her and her baby have still managed to do daily walks and shorter runs while keeping tabs on the running community. She’s excited to be an ambassador for the 3M Half Marathon and looks forward to motivating others to run with her in January.

Darrell Crain

Darrell, a “seasoned” runner, is excited to join the 3M Half Marathon Ambassador group for 2022. He ran his PR at the 1995 3M Half Marathon (1:21) and finished the 2020 edition in 1:23:59. The 2022 event will be Darrell’s first attempt in his 50s and he looks forward to getting back out there in person. His family lives in the Hill Country where they raised their two boys. Their oldest is his running partner and chief competition, the youngest a senior at Texas State.

Darrell’s goal is to promote the fun of running. Growing up in Texas, football comes first and everything else is second. Often, running was used to punish athletes for mistakes on the practice field. His goal during practice was to run as little as possible. Darrell’s introduction to road running came in 1992 when some coworkers registered for a local 5K (he had to ask how far that was) and invited him to join for the run and a free beer. It’s been a revolution in running since those days, many miles, and lots of new shoes (he loves shoes). Cooler days are quickly approaching and he looks forward to meeting many of you on the training path to 2022 3M Half Marathon.

Stephanie Drullinger

Stephanie is an original Austinite! That’s right, she was born and raised and still lives in the Austin area – a unicorn in a sea of transplants. She is a mother to one amazing son, wife, nurse, and loves all things ATX (Hook ‘Em Horns!). She began running long distances 20 years ago after being more of a short-distance/sprint runner. Stephanie loves to run Austin area races because of the challenging courses and great scenery!

Her first (and last) marathon was the 2010 Austin Marathon. Since then, Stephanie has focused on half marathons. She believes the distance gives her the challenge she’s looking for and keeps her motivated to run multiple every year. In 2020 at the age of 44, she PRed at the 3M Half Marathon! Stephanie loves highly recommends 3M Half Marathon for its high energy from both participants and spectators. It’s her favorite race of the running season!

Sara Ferniza

Sara is super excited to be a member of the 3M Half Marathon Ambassador program for a third year! She enjoys volunteering in the Austin running community and sharing her passion for running with all runners.

Patricia Fowler

Patricia is excited to run the 3M Half Marathon again! She’s missed start lines, crowds, and the energy race day provides. Being an Ambassador for this event is a great opportunity for her to get to know the running community better. Her motto is “half marathons are like mullets – everyone knows the party is in the back!” She may not win her age category, but she will cheer for you as y’all make your way through the streets of Austin.

Roberto Garcia

Most people call Roberto “Robb” – yes with two Bs! He first started running almost three years ago. His second half marathon was 2019 3M Half Marathon and he enjoyed the course so much. It’s fun for the avid runner and for the beginner. Robb loves a challenge and just started started “50 half marathons in 50 states.” He already has Nevada and Texas with plans for California and Tennessee next.

Robb is happy to be a 2022 3M Half Ambassador and wants to share his running journey. He hopes to motivate at least one person to change their lifestyle and be more active. Join him at #DownhillToDowntown.

Katrina Green

Katrina loves being active, specifically running and rock climbing. Her favorite thing to do is combine vacations with running races and enjoying the outdoors. Because of this, she started working towards a goal to complete a marathon in all 50 states. She’s completed 9 states so far.

Katrina’s participated in the 3M Half Marathon for several years in a row and continues to tell everyone that it’s her favorite half marathon (maybe even her favorite race as it’s one of the few races she’s repeated). Join her for 2022 and follow her adventures at @katruns26.2 on Instagram.

Toya Henry

Toya is an amazing human! She’s a breast cancer survivor, fitness fanatic, half marathoner, and loves to cook.

Nina Jenzen

Nina joined the Pflugerville Pfun Runners in 2018 and hasn’t stopped running since. The Pfun Runners have allowed Nina to stay active and make many lifelong friends. You can find the group running the streets of Pflugerville each Saturday morning from West Pecan Coffee and Beer. Then everyone walks down to the Pflugerville Taco House for, yep, breakfast tacos. Can’t get any more Austin than that!

When Nina started running she could barely run a mile. She’s since completed 6 half marathons and is currently training for her first marathon. Nina believes running is not easy, but the more you train the easier it gets. She is always amazed by what can be accomplished with a little bit of dedication. Nina first ran the 3M Half Marathon in 2020 and achieved a PR. She cannot wait to see what the 2022 3M Half Marathon will bring!

Nina Johnson

Nina is so proud to be a returning Ambassador for the 3M Half Marathon, her absolute favorite race!!! Her goal is to inspire those who have the desire to start running, but feel they don’t have what it takes to run longer distances. The possibilities are endless once you believe in yourself! Nina lives in Frisco and enjoys spending time with her two adult children and dog, Abby. If you can’t find her she’s probably training for the 3M Half Marathon with the Frisco Running Club.

Letty Lux

Letty lives in good ole San Antonio. She was born and raised in Eagle Pass. Letty is 51 years old and has been married for 27 years to the love of her life. They have a son who’s 24 years old. She’s been running for around 12 years now and has run 3M Half for about 8 years. Running is one of the hobbies that she shares with her husband. It’s something that we do together on days off. Letty loves sharing her passion for running with friends. Letty also loves Jesus, working out at Orange Theory, her family and friends, beer, pizza, and The Foo Fighters.

Davenn Mannix

This is Davenn and he likes to run. By day you’ll catch him working as a Technical Product Manager for General Motors, but by evenings you’ll catch him training for races with Team Rogue, running Strava messages for charities, playing sand volleyball at Wooley’s, or laying some bricks on his 3-on-3 basketball team.

Most recently, Davenn qualified for the 2022 Boston Marathon and hopes to crack 2:50 by next year. He loves having found a sense of community by running in Austin and is thrilled to help it grow as a 3M Half Marathon Ambassador.

Kara Markert

Kara is a UT Austin grad (hook’em!) and local Austin resident who has been running since middle school. She was more of a track and field sprinter (100m, 200m, and relays were her sweet spot). Eventually, she joined cross country in high school and fell more in love with distance running.

Besides running, she loves going to the gym or trying out new fitness classes, cooking new recipes, and exploring Austin restaurants and happy hours with friends. One of her favorite things her track coach used to always say was that running is all mental, and to “just stinkin’ run!”

Kortney Martinez

Kortney is a self-professed back-of-the-pack stroller runner who loves making running an all-inclusive community. She’s a mom, a wife, a psychology student, and a full-time Executive Assistant. Kortney also loves cats, horror movies, a good cup of coffee, live music, and pretending to be good at yoga.

Kortney fell in love with running during the pandemic as a safe way to get out of the house and work on her physical and mental health. The 3M Half Marathon will be her first 13.1-miler and she’s excited to tackle this goal!

Alvis Prince

Alvis is a local endurance athlete that also likes to eat! Yes, he’s put on some weight over the years, but he still gets out there and gets it done. You can too! Alvis has never been one to sit around and watch sporting events on TV, but he loves being at the finish line seeing the final strong kick and the smiling faces.

Rolando Salinas

Rolando is a father of 3 in his early 40s. He loves to work out and run. He’s not the fastest runner, but gives 110% when he does run. Rolando lives to motivate others and always has time to listen and talk. Rolando believes we are all legends who are capable of making the world a better place.

Tiana Thomas

Tiana is an Austin native studying kinesiology with a minor in psychology. She’s been active all of her life. Tiana played soccer until she was 18 at Austin Texans Soccer Club and transitioned into endurance running shortly after. She’s been running for the past four years. It has drastically improved not only her physical and mental health, but her soul too.

Tiana is a member of the Austin Runners Club, Black Girls Run, and Lifetime Fitness. When she’s not studying or running, she loves pilates, cryotherapy at CryoBodyWorks, reading, and meditating. She looks forward to seeing as many people as possible come out to run or support this January!

David Vizcaino

David joined Austin Front Runners in 2018 to make new friends in the community and to become physically active. He was new to running and never thought of himself as an athlete. After some time, hard work, and encouragement from fellow club members, family, and friends, he ran his first half marathon ever, the 2020 3M Half Marathon!

David looks forward to seeing the progress he’s made at the 2022 3M Half Marathon. He’s currently training for his first marathon in 2022. When David is not running, he enjoys eating out, hanging out by the water, and seeing friends. David serves as President of Austin Front Runners through May 2022.