Image of female runners listening to their running playlist while on a run. This 3M Half Marathon blog showcases 10 new songs for a running playlist update.

December Running Playlist Additions – 10 Must-Add Songs

Refresh your tunes with these December running playlist additions

We’ve got more tunes! Often times one song (or several!) can power you through a tough time during an intense workout or a long run. That’s why we’ve created this #WeLiketheSoundofThat playlist! We share every song on Twitter. Follow us so you know what’s next. We’ve taken 10 recent songs and put them in this convenient blog. You can listen to our playlist (100+ songs and counting), check out November’s additions, or refresh your music with these December running playlist additions. Remember, when training keep the volume low enough or don’t use headphones so you can listen to your surroundings.

Future People – Alabama Shakes
This spacey Alabama Shakes jam will have you floating on your run. When the energy in this song kicks up, pick up the pace. Slow down when it relaxes, repeats!

Congratulations – Post Malone feat. Quavo
Set this to play at the end so it reminds you of what you’ll hear once you cross the finish line. Collect your commemorative spinner finisher medal and head to the finish line festival!

Talk On The Street – Greta Van Fleet
Word on the street is everyone can’t get enough of 3M Half Marathon! Play this song at a point on your run when you start feeling sluggish and let the fast-pace rock & roll pick you up.

Where’d All the Time Go – Dr. Dog
Going for a chill run? Put this song on your chill run playlist. It’s always good to get out for a relaxing run, especially if you’re recovering from a hard workout. Pro tip: take your pup on your chill run!

Footprints – Sia
Not feeling your run today? Put this Sia song at the front of your playlist and let the positive vibe wash over you as you get into a groove.

Colors – Black Pumas
Next time you’re on a run, take a minute to soak in all amazing colors. Appreciate all that surrounds you as you listen to Austin’s own and recently Grammy-nominated Black Pumas.

Enter Sandman – Metallica
Some times you wake up, but you don’t really wake up. You’re in a fog, stumbling to get your shoes on. Click play, turn the volume up, and let Metallica wake you up!

I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide – ZZ Top
You know that feeling when you’re on a run and you’re feeling it? Everything feels right as you you knock off mile after mile. ZZ Top took that feeling and put it into song form! Pro tip: remember, you’re bad!

Moondance – Van Morrison
Another perfect song for a slower-paced recovery run. Remember, Van Morrison wants you to know that Sunday, January 19th, is a marvelous day for a half marathon!

Thunderstruck – AC/DC

Add these December running playlist additions before you take off for your next run. These 10 songs can pump you up, allow you to catch your breath, or help you focus on the warm-up/cool-down. However you incorporate music, just make sure you can still hear your surroundings. It’s important to know what’s going on around you! Is there something you do that we didn’t list? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.