Team Rouge athlete running

Runners of Austin: Part IV

A special series featuring four Austin runners and their journey as they train for the upcoming 3M Half Marathon and the Austin Marathon. Brought to you by CLIF Bar & Company, the Official Sports Nutrition of #downhilltodowntown17.

Name – Jason

Club – Rogue Running

1. What got you into running?

I ran a couple 10K events several years ago, but didn’t stick with it. Then I thought it would be good idea to run a marathon before I turned 40. I joined a training program and got hooked, running became my routine and I’ve met some great friends along the way.

2. How long have you been a runner?

I’ve been a “consistent” runner since December 2012. It started with a social 5K run “Jingle Run” at Rogue Cedar Park. Then I joined one of their intro programs. It’s been almost four years now and I’m still going strong.

3. What continues to motivate you to run?

Being part of a running group is essential for me. The team environment really motivates me, even on days I don’t want to roll out of bed at 4 a.m., knowing my teammates will be there makes me accountable. Training with Team Rogue constantly pushes me outside my comfort zone. I keep breaking my PRs, with no limits in sight. Oh, and the races, the energy and excitement of running with so many people is the greatest feeling! Finishing strong and celebrating that moment with friends and strangers, you feel on top of the world.

4. What does a typical long run Saturday look like in your world?

Typical Saturday long runs are with Rogue Cedar Park location. We typically run the neighborhoods of CP or Brushy Creek Trail. Generally running anywhere from 12-20 miles with a variety of people, typically a group of three or four of us will settle into a conversational pace. Stories are all over the place, amazing what you learn about people when running for three to four hours together. We typically stretch, roll, and have coffee back at Rogue after the run and spend time socializing. Generally done by 9:30 and get my weekend moving.