7 tips that’ll help you stay safe during your runs

Running outside has tons of benefits no matter what type of run you’re completing! You can hit up the trails, take in the sights of a new city, breathe fresh air, say hey to folks you know, and so much more! But with those benefits comes some potential harm. There are many ways to ensure you finish your run just as healthy and safe as when you began. Whether you’re running one mile at your local track or 20 miles on your favorite trail, these 7 tips will help keep you stay safe.

Run with a friend

Two runners stay safe by running together and carrying their phone.

Stay safe on your next run when you run with a friend and carry your phone.

The best way to stay safe is to run with a friend. You’re more likely to be visible to vehicles and less likely to be the victim of a crime, think strength in numbers. Should something happen to one of you, the other will be quicker to get help and assist until help arrives. Plus, everyone knows it’s better to train for and run 3M Half Marathon with friends!

Listen to your surroundings

Whether you’re running the roads or the trails, pay attention to your surroundings! Music can help us power through our run, but it can also prevent us from hearing what’s going on around us. If you run with earbuds, keep one out. You can also ditch the earbuds and play your music out loud. If you love new running technology, check out AfterShokz Titanium headphones. They use bone conduction technology with their open-ear design, allowing you to enjoy your tunes and hear what’s going on around you.

Run against traffic

It’s important for you to see drivers and for drivers to see you. Running against traffic allows you to see what’s coming your way. Avoid running against traffic on blind corners, drivers won’t have enough time to react if they don’t see you until the last second. 

Look both ways when crossing the street

This tip goes all the way back to elementary school. When running, you should pay attention to everything. Don’t assume vehicles will stop, chances are they don’t see you. Also, just because you pushed the button to cross the street doesn’t mean it’s immediately safe to cross the street. Pay attention to all signals, when it’s your turn, still look both ways! Even though you think you know the light sequence, it could’ve changed. Don’t assume anything!

Wear reflective clothing

Reflective clothing will help with visibility, which is vital when running outside. You want to be seen by vehicles so they can plan accordingly. Light-weight lights can also be placed on your arms, shoes, ankles, or hat. We recommend SPIbelt’s SPIbeams LED Arm Band. Reflective clothing and lights will also help you be seen by cyclists and other runners.

Carry your phone

Your phone can do more than just play music or track your GPS. It’s the most beneficial tool you can have in the event of an emergency. Make sure your phone is fully charged before you take off on your run. If you’re ever in an accident or come upon one, having your phone available can make a massive difference.

Tell someone your plan

Before you take off, tell someone your planned route, mileage, and when they can expect you back. This person can be a loved one, co-worker, or roommate. This gives them an idea of when to expect you back and where to check should you not come back on time. Turn on the setting that allows someone to know your location, most smartphones have this. Pro tip: vary your route. Switching up your route is not only great for your training, it reduces the chances of someone harming you on your run.

By utilizing one or all 7 of these tips, you increase the chances that you stay safe on your next run. Chances are you already use some of these. Step it up and make sure you’re using them all the time! Is there a tip you use that we didn’t mention? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

3M Half Marathon Gear Bag & Bib Tips



Bibs are one of the most important items to remember on race day. It includes your timing chip, pace band, and gear check tag.

The timing chip on the back cannot be bent or folded.

To make sure you get an accurate time, make sure your bib is not covered by any clothing or race belt. Make sure you receive all of your race photos by clearly wearing your bib on the front of your shirt.

The pace band can be taken off and worn on race day to help you finish by your goal time. If you are running with a pace group, stop by the pacer booth at the expo to talk with them about tips and tricks.

The gear check tag can be taken off and given to a friend or family member if they are going to drop off or pick up your bag for you. Runners do not need the gear check tag, they can just show their bibs.



Gear Bags

You will receive your Gear bag at packet pick up, filled with awesome 3M Swag (Check Out Your Swag Here)!

You can use the bag to hold sweaters, shoes, personal items that you have with you at the start that you do not want to take on course with you.

Do not put valuables in the gear bags, such as car keys, phones, or wallets.

You will drop your bag at the Heavenly Moving Truck that has the corresponding bib number sign near the start line. We will transport the bags to the finish line for you to pick up when you are finished. Remember if a friend or family member is picking up your bag, they must have your gear check ticket.

You can pick up your bag at the Heavenly Moving Gear Bag Trucks, located south of the finish line on 12th and San Jacinto.


High Five Events announces Clif Bar & Company will be the Official Sports Nutrition for the 2018 3M Half Marathon. The partnership is in its fifth year and will provide runners with Clif Bar’s nutritious products before, during, and after one of the country’s fastest half marathons.

“Clif Bar is excited to return for our 5th straight 3M Half Marathon in January – we love feeding the adventure of all 3M Half runners,” said Christina Yamanaka, South Marketing Manager at Clif Bar. “We will provide nutrition and on-course support as the runners strive to hit their PRs on January 21!”

Clif Bar returns for another year to the 3M Half Marathon, set to take place on January 21, 2018. Runners can look for CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel on course at the CLIF® Energy Zone and other products at the finish line. Flavors include: Mocha, Citrus, Razz, and Vanilla. The famous packets, stuffed with essential 3M products, will have one of the newest CLIF® Nut Butter Filled Energy Bars: Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter, Caramel Chocolate Peanut Butter, or Blueberry Almond Butter. In addition, the 3M Half Marathon and Clif Bar will increase community engagement and product awareness by offering free samples to training clubs, sampling product at running stores, and supporting various demo runs around Austin.

“Clif Bar has been an integral part of the 3M Half Marathon for the past four years and we’re glad they’ll fuel hundreds of PRs for a fifth year,” said Jack Murray, co-owner of High Five Events. “They have a strong commitment to community engagement and it shows before, during, and after race day.”

The 3M Half Marathon boasts one of the fastest 13.1-mile courses in the country and will celebrate its 24th year running in 2018. Runners enjoy a point-to-point course with mostly downhill running that showcases some of Austin’s finest locations. Starting in north Austin and finishing near the Texas State Capitol, runners will appreciate a 300’+ net elevation drop. Participants can register on the website.