Woman in ARC half zip with clif bottle

Runners of Austin: Part I

A special series featuring four Austin runners and their journey as they train for the upcoming 3M Half Marathon and the Austin Marathon. Brought to you by CLIF Bar & Company, the Official Sports Nutrition of #downhilltodowntown17.

Name – Abi

Club – Austin Runners Club

Area to run – South Austin (St. Edward’s University)

1. What got you into running?

I started running as a way to cope with difficulties in my life. Running has been an outlet for me, a way to de-stress. It has improved my self-confidence, reduced my negative thought processes, and brought stability and peace. Time spent running is time for me to reflect on myself and how far I have come.

2. How long have you been a runner?

I ran cross country and track in high school. I quit when some mental and physical difficulties took over my life. As an adult, I began to run again in early 2015 and I don’t foresee that ending any time soon!

3. What continues to motivate you to run?

I am motivated to continue to run because of the dedication that it takes when it gets hard – both mentally and physically. I am motivated by that “special” feeling I get after I finish a run. I am also motivated by my fellow ARC runners, the multiple health benefits that result from running, and the ability to explore the city that I live in by using my feet.

4. What does a typical long run Saturday look like?

I live near the St. Ed’s campus in South Austin and find myself training through those neighborhoods, around the downtown trail, and when my schedule permits, with ARC.