Runner dressed as Forrest Gump to run 3M Half Marathon

Add these running movies to your “Must Watch” list

With the holiday break just days away you might find yourself with some extra time on your hands. Or maybe you want to relax after eating a little too much. Perhaps you just need some time away from your crazy uncle Nathan. Maybe you need some downtime after your 3M Half Marathon training long run. Whatever your reason, get your favorite hydration, grab your foam roller, and click play on these running movies.

Forrest Gump

If you’ve never watched this classic and paid attention to the way running is portrayed, well, it happens… Do yourself a favor and watch Forrest Gump now! The use of running in this film reflects a number of reasons why many of us run: because we’re told we can’t, escape from danger, score touchdowns, and because you feel like running. While this might not be a running-themed movie like the others on this list, the role running plays is undeniable. Just like the role running plays in your life.

The Barkley Marathons

This documentary covers what some call the toughest ultramarathon in the world The Barkley Marathon. There were zero finishers in 2018. The ultramarathon is held in Frozen Head State Park, near a tiny Tennessee town. It accepts 35 runners a year. Lazarus Lake created the race, mocking a failed prison escape that took place nearby. The unmarked course changes every year. Participants must find hidden books and remove pages that are associated with their bib number as proof.

McFarland, USA

Everyone loves the underdog story. Kevin Costner plays a former football coach turned track coach. At this new school, he discovers that some of the students he teaches are exceptional runners. They’re driven by the same factors that drive you: a desire to get better and commitment to the team. Follow their journey as they grow from beginner runners to champions.

Chariots of Fire

Based on a true story, Chariots of Fire is a 1981 drama that won Oscars and Academy Awards. The film follows two sprinters who compete in the 1924 Paris Olympics for different reasons. Erik Liddell believes he must succeed to spread the word of his faith. Harold Abrahams runs to be accepted and prove that Jews are not inferior. Follow the runners during their training, driven by their desires. You’ll see that the themes presented (commitment, sacrifice, devotion) mirror what you endure as a runner too.

Running Brave

Running Brave is about Billy Mills, a Native American who grew up on a South Dakota reservation. Mills shocked the world at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics when he won the 10,000-meter run. He was a member of the Sioux tribe, ran track at the University of Kansas, and earned a spot in the Tokyo Olympics. He defeated a world-class field. No American had ever won the 10,000-meter before. The closest since Mills’ run, when Galen Rupp took silver at the 2012 London Olympics.