DJ Gatsby provides on-course music at the 2019 3M Half Marathon finish line festival!

These Austin acts provided on-course music and energy during our 25th anniversary

Austin is The Live Music Capital of the World and we love celebrating that fact! Our on-course music showcases Austin’s diversity and provides participants with boosts of energy. The 25th anniversary of the 3M Half Marathon presented by Under Armour was no different. The largest field in our history enjoyed a range of sounds from South American Andes music to orchestral folk. Participants would even turn their own music off to enjoy the local, on-course music!

Inside Out Steelband (Mile 2)

Runners were treated to energetic on-course music at the 2019 3M Half Marathon.

Energetic on-course music was enjoyed by participants at the 2019 3M Half Marathon.

Inside Out Steelband set the tone for participants at Mile 2. Watching this group play in unison is something else! They’re a local nonprofit dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of steel drums in Austin and Central Texas. Since 2006, their work as musicians and advocates has made Austin a center of contemporary steel band activity.

Rhythmic Force (Mile 3)

When you need more percussion you add Rhythmic Force! They don’t use as much choreographed movement on race day as they do in their competitive performances, but that doesn’t stop them from providing hours of energy to participants. Rhythmic Force is an award-winning nonprofit whose mission is to create the leaders of tomorrow by focusing on three core tenants – integrity, education, and community.

Andean Fusion (Mile 4)

No stranger to performing during Austin’s road races, Andean Fusion plays music from the South American Andes (Peruvian Pan-flute music). They’ve been together for more than 25 years and have performed around the world. Their easy-going and melodic sound comes from the harmony of the group’s six members.

Austin Thaalam Percussion (Mile 9)

Participants always appreciate an extra boost of energy at Mile 9. Austin Thaalam Percussion does just that, re-energizing runners with their in-sync Chenda, South Indian percussion. They have been performing in Central Texas for more than three years. Chenda Melam is a 300-year-old art form. It’s still performed during major festivals in India.

American Dreamer (Mile 10)

DJ Gatsby provides on-course music at the 2019 3M Half Marathon finish line festival!

DJ Gatsby provided the soundtrack to many celebrations at the 2019 3M Half Marathon finish line festival!

American Dreamer’s sound explores the space between classical and folk music. The quintet’s orchestral folk sound derives from the group’s composition: three classically trained string players, a rock drummer, and a folk singer. All five members met at the University of Texas. 

Woode Wood (Mile 11)

Woode Wood’s music stems from his life’s experiences and is self-categorized as Americana, roots rock, and modern folk. He started making music in 1992 and has honed his easy-listening sound and writing ability ever since. He first moved to Austin in 1994 after watching Ann Richards talk about Austin’s vibrant music scene on Johnny Carson.

Chalkboard Poets (Mile 12)

This 3-piece band put on a performance worthy of the final mile, re-charging runners in their journey to the finish line. Here’s a quick video of their race-day performance. Chalkboard Poets is a fiddle-based Indie folk-rock band that calls Austin home.

DJ Gatsby (Finish line festival)

DJ Gatsby has you covered when you’re ready to party and celebrate! His high-energy beats kept the party going at the finish line festival. Participants celebrated accomplishments and PRs with friends and family to his tracks. He definitely enhanced the overall experience, including the beer garden!

We had a rocking good time during our 25th anniversary! Participants experienced first-hand why Austin is known as The Live Music Capital of the World. Follow us on Facebook to learn what on-course music we’ll feature on January 16, 2020, at the 26th annual 3M Half Marathon.