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Runners of Austin: Part III

A special series featuring four Austin runners and their journey as they train for the upcoming 3M Half Marathon and the Austin Marathon. Brought to you by CLIF Bar & Company, the Official Sports Nutrition of #downhilltodowntown17.

Name – Cressida

Club – Gilbert’s Gazelles

1. How long have you been a runner?

The demands of graduate school got me into running consistently. I found that running helped me in so many ways – physically and mentally. I also had two rescue dogs at the time in a one-bedroom apartment, so they (one in particular) needed to run as much as I did! It was also in graduate school that I met two important people- my husband and Gilbert! My husband inspired me to run my first marathon in 2007 and Gilbert was actually my neighbor in graduate school. It took a few years, but I started training with Gilbert to get ready for the 2008 Boston Marathon.

2. How long have you been a runner?

I would say for 15 years, although as a kid even I loved running!

3. What continues to motivate you to run?

I have lots of motivations to run, which is why it’s easy for me get up so early most mornings! First, my family. Along with my husband, my two boys ages – three and five – are my biggest cheerleaders. Then, of course my other family – Gilbert’s Gazelles. Gilbert is truly an amazing person. Days that start with his workouts are certainly brighter. He brings joy to all of us who run with him. The friends I have made through the Gazelles are like family and we all support each other. Being a runner in the Gazelle community makes me a better mother, wife, and psychologist. It’s definitely been a balancing act with work and family, but so worth it.

4. What does a typical long run Saturday look like in your world?

Meet up with friends at Luke’s Locker and then head out on whatever course Gilbert has mapped out for us. Then, go home and spend the rest of the day with my boys!