Look your best on race day with these tips

Tips to Get Your Best Race Photo

Look Your Best in Race Photos

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Remember when “ridiculously photogenic guy” made is way around the internet? His race photo amazed us all. Regardless of how the race is actually going, the amount you are sweating, or the pain your feet are in, the elusive perfect running photo is actually within reach. With these 10 simple tips, you too can be like “ridiculously photogenic guy” and have race photos that you will be showing off for years to come.

1. Improve your form

Stand Tall! We tend to let our shoulders lean in, so when you see that yellow vest, pull the shoulders back and align the spine. This is also probably just feel good on your body if you have gotten into a slump.

2. Increase your stride

Make your legs look long and fast by slightly over exaggerating your stride. You don’t want to do this for all 13.1 miles, but it won’t hurt for a photo or three.

3. Pull your arms away from your sides

This was advice given by a wedding photographer but it also applies here. With your arms out a little bit, they don’t have the squished look like when they are pressed up against your sides.

4. Make your path

Be aware of the upcoming photographers and move so that other runners are not in your way. No point in putting in the work to look good if you are covered up by someone else.

5. Relax your face

We know easier said than done, but start practicing now on your training runs. Make your cheeks soft and say the word “Money.” Seriously go to a mirror and try it.

6. Do your hair

You do your hair for any other good photo… do it here too! A braid, a bun, a clean ponytail. Hats are okay at taming crazy hair, but they can also cast a shadow on your face.

7. Think positive thoughts

Have a photo mantra like ” I love running” or “I am awesome and am going to finish this race.” This positive energy will show through in the photo. You can even say something out loud to the photographer to get their attention, a whoohooooo never hurt!

8.Wear your bib on the front

Make sure your bib placement is clean looking and on the front. The automated photosystems use this to tag your photos. You don’t want to sift through thousands of photos to try and find yourself.

9. Don’t pause your watch… just yet

I know it is tempting to hit the pause button right when you cross the finish line, but give it a few steps. Otherwise, the photo will be of you looking at your watch and not enjoying the finish experience.

10. Bust out the major emotion!

Smiles, cheers, jumps, yells, tears… you’ll get a second look from the photographers. Avoid waving quickly or flapping your arms up and down, they can make you look like your falling in the photo. If you are going to make movements, make them meaningful and keep the pose for more than a few seconds.

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